Helping both parents and teachers unite in their understanding and approach to strong emotions and tricky behaviours.


Dr Wake is a child and adolescent psychiatrist whose clinical work is between a youth outreach service and a private practice In Melbourne, Australia.

For 20 years he has also had a public health and education focus, helping parents and teachers to get a united understanding and approach to children’s development, strong emotions and tricky behaviours.

He is a contributor to regarding parenting issues, and presents regularly to parent groups. He supervises the training of psychiatrists at Melbourne University, presents locally and internationally at workshops and conferences, and is involved in the RANZCP faculty of child and adolescent psychiatry. For ten years he has presented to teacher groups in school settings, and for five years he ran seminars through Monash University on understanding and managing challenging behaviours in the classroom

He is the author of 2 books, has produced videos and been involved in media and podcasts, and presents in person and hosts webinars for parents, teachers and health professionals.

For Parents

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For Teachers

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Andrew gives presentations to teachers and parents of schools and community groups. He also provides parent work training to registrar and consultant psychiatrists nationally and internationally.

Presentations for parents are 90 minute talks with a moderated 30 minute Q+A

Presentations for teachers are two 60 minute talks one week apart.  Week two is a moderated Q+A  session.

In school settings, talks for teachers and parents compliment each other to help teachers and parents have a united understanding and approach.

What Principles are saying ….

‘Andrew has presented to our staff and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback with comments such as ‘we really need more of this type PD’. He ‘gets’ people – both students and teachers, and his insights into the reasons for behaviour, and therefore the best ways to change it, are clear and easy to apply. We are having him back for a full series’.

Tom Rickards, Ivanhoe Grammar School


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Kind Words

So often when I was teaching, I’d wonder: why is this child behaving in this way? Dr Wake’s book not only explains why but offers practical support, guidance and solutions. This is a great resource for teachers.

I just wanted to say that I thought last night was brilliant (my partner Julia thought it was the best thing she'd been to) The takeaways were great, I have already identified when my reptile brain has been engaged and trying to get it going towards the mammal and human. The four Cs are easy to remember and implement too, a really useful practical set of tools.

“Theory put into practice through many real-life examples that really help bring meaning and relevance to the text”

Highly recommend this book for any parent. Succinctly shares information with case studies sprinkled throughout and realistic examples used. Applicable for parents/carers with kids of any age.

I look forward to connecting with you, whether through the pages of my book or speaking at your next event.