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Feb 1 2024

How to bring calm to chaotic classrooms – as published in “The Australian” November 2023

Mar 13 2021

Obsessions: do they fill, or fulfill

“My child does nothing all day except…” Obsessions are a common concern among parents.  How do you discern whether it is a healthy or unhealthy obsession for your child? In a previous post I looked at the difference between whether the obsessions

Aug 8 2020

The freedom of boundaries

We all want freedom.  Few people want to be made to do something they don’t want. Our children are no different…but their ability to use their logical brain to weigh up the various sides of a given choice is more limited.

Mar 9 2020

Stay On Target

Have you tried to address a problem with one of your kids, and somehow you end up arguing about something else entirely, and the issue was not resolved? One way of avoiding being parented is to go off on a tangent

Jul 26 2019

4W’s: watch, wait, wonder, “one-down”

I’ve been playing with a new idea when emotions get high…the 4W’s.  It can be used as a way of remembering what to do when you are feeling provoked, and you want to be helpful and not take the problem personally.

Jun 21 2019

“I need a break”

When you have a child whose behaviour concerns you it feels like you never get a break from watching and worrying about what they are doing.  The constant wondering whether you should step in can be utterly exhausting. So how can you
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