Andrew can run hourly to whole-day presentations tailored according to your school groups’ specific needs.

He also provides parent work training to registrars and consultant psychiatrists nationally and internationally.

He is available to other professional groups who work with children and parents.

If you are interested in inviting Dr. Wake to speak or teach at your event, group or school, please fill in the contact form below.


How Andrew can assist in your school?

The missing piece to managing strong emotions and tricky behaviours is understanding them. Strategies are important, but understanding emotions and behaviours in relationships is invaluable to staying cool, calm and connected as you respond to them.


“I get it and I’ve got it”

Using theory combined with two decades of clinical experience, Dr Wake presents in easy-to-understand language and simple-to-implement approaches what it helps to know and what it helps to do when you’re the adult in the room.


“We’re on the same page”

Get on the same page with leadership, teachers, and parents, and be able to calmly and confidently talk to others and share your approach when dealing with challenging students.


Andrew provides a variety of options for schools

– 1 hour talks on a variety of topics
– Half day seminars mixing basic theory with practical strategies
– Full day seminars covering the entire approach as described in his book
– 90-minute parent talks to help the parents understand how they can back up their child’s teachers
– Option of one-hour follow-up sessions, Q+As

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